Robots Games

Robots are machines of the future that we can use for various activities
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Robots Games

Create your robots and fight with them

The robots were created by humanity to assist in various tasks, in the not too distant future we will use these beings of metal for many of our daily tasks. But be careful because an artificial intelligence can forget the three laws of robotics Asimov to achieve their goals.

If humans bother when we meet this goal will eliminate or at least try, be prepared to fight the robots for the survival of humanity. Join the human resistance, hiding in underground tunnels which were their cities before to end machines.

But unlike them, humans can act logically counteracting some enemy attacks in a unique way. Moreover, thanks to this quality we are able to inflict unexpected damage, because if we can break the brain that controls all machines have a chance. You can also use captured robotic units to fight and defeat their peers with their own weapons.

There are many adventures that you can perform with these robots that have been created with a specific purpose. Fighting robots that will face each other in battles with public and betting through; Robots with guns facing a concrete enemy to achieve victory; Adventures with the Transformers robots to save humanity from the dangers that lurk; Robots vs zombies struggles in which humans use this technology to get rid of a zombie apocalypse.

In short, a world of robots that have collected in this section so you do not miss any of our minigames this subject. You can now enjoy all the technology offered by these robots online and without any cost, as all our games are free. Enjoy your PC from around the world that has been created around the figure of robots and start enjoying all your adventures.

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