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Aircraft Games

Aircraft Games

Take to the skies piloting your own plane, choose from a large fleet and learn to fly all types of aircraft. You can be a commercial pilot where hundreds of lives depend on your good pilot, because if you mess up you can not just die but all your passengers.

First tendrs to learn all the instruments of each device, once you've done will practice parked aircraft and movindolos by the aerodrome. When you control the plane and land it is time to start the fun part starts off at full speed and keep the plane in the air.

If you are capable of this and you just have to enjoy flying quietly, though tendrs follow signs to the control towers to avoid collisions with other flights or approaching storms. But if you want something more than action can become a fighter pilot, piloting fighters capable of breaking the sound barrier and act in international conflicts.

A qu expect? Become pilot now.

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