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Horror Games

Horror Games

The best horror games are now available on our page. Play these terrifying online mini games totally free and face the evils lurking in the dark. Be brave and do not be afraid, you can overcome all these creatures of the night!

Prepare to be really scared with horror games, the monsters are loose and look for innocent victims like you to scare them or something worse. Maybe they just want to have some fun at your expense giving you a good scare, but some creatures are terrifying and have a thirst for blood capable of making them aggressive.

The only refuge you will find is a haunted house that you will wish you had never entered, ghosts lurk inside you and get angry when a disrespectful human interrupts your eternal rest.

Also with all our bad luck the dead will rise from their graves to try to eat our brains, you must choose a weapon and fight against them hitting their heads with what we find. Although if you do not want to scare yourself, maybe you can help Mario rescue the mushroom kingdom of darkness, the ghosts have taken him and the princess is missing. Mario faces an uncertain evil, since this does not seem to be the work of the evil Bowser. Get ready for the most supernatural platform game you've ever played with this character.

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