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Pacman is the protagonist of this classic arcade game in which we will have to eat all the balls of the labyrinth without letting the ghosts catch us or we will lose one of our lives.

For those who do not know the famous Pacman we will tell you that it is the original coconut eats, this fun ball that only has one mouth has the mission of eating everything you find in a maze. Although this will not be quite easy since there are four Ghosts that try to catch and kill him, in order to survive our hero must dodge them and eat fruits or other objects. When you eat the fruits you will have a few seconds in which you can eat the ghosts themselves and they will flee from it, if we manage to eat any of them it will be much easier to solve the labyrinth and finish eating all the remaining points or objects. But this can be dangerous since this invincibility will only last a few seconds and at the moment the ghosts end they will turn around and attack us, this means that if we end up just about to eat one of these four ghosts we could die If it turns before us.

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