Alien Games

Take control of the ship killing alien throughout the galaxy, now you can enjoy
Survival on the worm planetAlien InvasionAliensAlien TownTense alien invasionHappy Alien JumpMad Day: SpecialAlienAlien serpentsUfo 101
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Alien Games

Explore the universe in search of aliens

The phenomenon of Aliens, aliens, aliens and other names given to living beings coming from other planets outside the Earth, traps a large legion of fans. This success has been made into a film, the world of video games and television series. There is much debate about the existence of these creatures but we are not interested in more than your raid force in the world of video games. The lack of information about these beings do we find them with different aspects, although it seems that there is a fixed fee that makes you have common characteristics.

Among the most outstanding films that have as protagonist the aliens we could name the Alien saga, ranging from Alien to Alien 5. Another of the successes that has triumphed in film is Alien VS Predator from which they came, too, video games for the major platforms of the moment like PS3, PC, etc. There are many games that include these creatures in their stories, especially shooter games and here are some flash version with which to have fun.

For this success, we have created the category Aliens to incorporate in it everything about the alien world. Already you have many titles with Aliens but we are constantly updated to bring you the best day to day. Enjoy games where you have to survive the attack of the aliens, aliens shooters, wars between humans vs aliens and more fun. Spend a fun time in the world of aliens that we have created on the web!

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