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Free cars games

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Cars, refers to a popular search on our website with about 434 related games to display

For motor fans we offer unbridled races with dangerous and risky curves that they will have to face to win their games.

The best Online Car Games

Are cars and speed your great passions? Well, you are in the right place and here you will be able to find the funniest car games on the Internet. In them you will be able to demonstrate your driving skills and show that there is no car game that can resist you.

Get ready because in our catalog of online car minigames we have more than 400 games so that the fun never stops. From the most unknown games to other great successes that will sound familiar to us. How are you at Mario Kart ? How about we try Crash Kart Racing one more time? All this is possible on our website.

Not only do we offer you races, you will also find challenges in which you can do parkour with cars , escape from the police in chases or face death matches with fully armed vehicles. Do you like the idea? Well, you're already taking a look at the car games section of our website.

Racing, parking and much more in our Car Games category

We cannot deny that car racing games are the ones that the public likes the most, but there are many others that are very fun and that we are going to recommend to encourage you to try a new form of fun.

Within the car games there are different themes and we can find car parking games, speed test games, parkour and skill games , tuning and many others. In them you will be able to accompany unknown characters or others that will surely sound familiar to you. Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot or the characters from the GTA games will be some of the ones you can find in these games.

In the end, all of them will require good steering control and skills when completing the objective of each mission. As we told you, there are more than 400 car games available at, Try them all if you dare!

Speed up so you don't miss our collection of Car Games

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of these adventures? Well, the countdown begins in 3, 2, 1... Start having fun with the more than 400 car games that you will find on our website! Surely you remember great classics like Need for Speed and now they are back on our website.

They will not be the only car and racing games that you will find, the catalog is full and this has only just begun because in Fanfreegames we update daily, adding new titles that add fun to our users. Pay attention to what's new and don't miss the funniest car mini-games on the Internet!

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