free Cars Games

free Cars Games

Drive the Ray McQueen, the red car of the Disney Pixar Cars movie in different races with very fast talking carts. You dare to pilot the red lightning to lead Sally and Guido in different racing races for cars.

Cars Games

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+ Cars Games

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Cars Games

How to play cars free, no downloads

The crazy characters of the movie Cars come to our page in the form of mini-games for fun never ends bring us these fantastic animated cars. The Disney film was a success and already has a second part of the first successful entitled Cars 2. In addition to this idea came the Aircraft also has a second installment.

The protagonist of the film is Lightning McQueen, rookie race car that you want done with the Piston Cup and be sponsored by Dinoco. His eagerness to run and win make you lose an important race and have to be a tiebreaker and its transfer to the city where it would take place, an accident makes runs out of his truck transport. Lost, he comes to town Radiator Springs where just shattered after a chase with the sheriff of the city. They take to fix and is sentenced to fix the streets of the place as payment of their sentence. There he meets Sally Racing, Matt, Doc Hudson and the other characters who end up being your faithful friends.

It will undertake a long journey to reach the coveted career that will take the title of the Piston Cup but on the way will learn that there are more important things to run, family togetherness and love will begin to feel by Sally Carreras. Despite not winning the race wins the respect of everyone and offers Dinoco sponsorship which refuse to return to Radiator Spring with your beloved and friends. Thanks to him, the forgotten town of Radiator Spring return to its splendor getting many visitors.

This funny world populated by cars has generated many games based on his adventures and have grouped in this section so you do not miss any. Play online games Disney Cars free. Manages Lightning McQueen in their careers and gets todsa champion competitions is proclaimed. But no sun can play racing but also have card games, games car wash players or games Cars to paint. Enjoy the best games and Lightning McQueen and his friends!

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