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Among Us: Ben 10 Among us Mod for Minecraft Among Us: Airship Amongus escape Among Them Among Us: Kogama Avengers among us Among Us Disc Us Kogama: Fall Guys vs Among Us Among Space Escape Among Us Space Tournament Zombies Among Us Super Impostor Bros Who is the Imposter Pokémon Among Us Survival 456 but it Impostor Among Us Impostor the best game Among Us: Find Us Among Us Space Rush Among us run Among Us Space Run Among Us Bouncy Rush Among Us Space Imposter Among Us: Space Wars Among Us Crazy Gunner Imposter Z Fighting Imposter Galaxy Killer Among Us: Horror 3D Among Us: Night Race Friday Night Funkin vs Impostor Among Us Among us jigsaw Among Us Motor Bike Challenge AmongUs Jump Deceiver Solo Killer Among Us Fall Race: Season 2 Friday Night Funkin Among Drip Among us crash Among Us: Sling Princess Among Us Plus Maker 2 Player Among Soccer Red Imposter vs Crew Among Us Run Christmas Among Us Unstoppable Among Us Space Run io Sort Among Us Among: They hide and seek 2

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The big revelation in the world of video games in recent years is Among Us, an online multiplayer party game in which you can play with your friends in private rooms or face people from all over the world in public games. It is a mobile game that was released in 2018 and was a great success due to its playability on mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and also on PC (Windows). Now it has been brought to the rest of the platforms, being released in 2020 on Nintendo Switch and adapted to the XBOX and PS4 and PS5 generation.
Although the game came out in 2018, its boom was in 2020 when many YouTubers and Twitch streamers gathered to enjoy games with friends of this exciting game in which there will be a traitor among us inside the ship and we have to discover it before that it ends with all of us.
The success has translated into multiple improvements that have been added to the game, new maps, character roles, skins and much more. In addition, a lot of merchandise about this game fills the stores and people demand it. In this context, it is normal that minigame developers have focused on Among Us and based on its adventures to create fun games set in this gameplay. You can find all of them on our website and start enjoying our Among Us games online.

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Among Us is a game designed for between 4 and 15 players, who will appear in a spaceship, although this will depend on the map we choose. The host of the game will have established its settings : the number of impostors in the game, how many maintenance tasks, the duration of the countdown after each murder, the chosen map and, now also, the different roles that we can find in the departure.
In the base game, an impostor (or the number we have selected) is randomly assigned and the rest will be crew members . These must carry out the missions that they have distributed throughout the map, while trying not to be dismembered by the impostor. The villain of the game can not only kill his opponents, he can also sabotage the light or the doors, to make the crew's task more difficult and keep them busy so that they do not finish their missions.
When a player finds a lifeless body , the meeting begins in which the players will clarify where each one was, if they have suspicions or if they have seen something directly. After the meeting, a person must be expelled or move on to the next round.
Finally, the impostor who manages to deceive all the crew members and kill them will be proclaimed the winner . If, on the contrary, they do not succeed, the winners will be the crew members. So get ready to face this adventure in the free Among Us games.

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We are convinced that everything we just told you you already knew and that is that Among Us has been the revelation game for a couple of years. It is true that they have been declining over time, but the improvements and new functionalities that have been added to the title have made it relevant again.
We will also see all of this reflected in the online minigames set in Among Us and they are adapting to the new maps that appear. At the same time, they offer us very fun versions that you can only find on the Internet. We talk about the versions of Among Us with famous characters like Ben 10 or the crossovers between Minecraft and Among Us. All these free Among Us games will delight you, you can't miss them!