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Stack the blocks in Tetris 🔥

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Rotate the classic Tetris pieces to fit the structure of the screen creating horizontal lines

Place blocks had never been so addictive Tetris since the birth of one of the mental games that we should have more mental agility to get stay alive. The goal is simple, to unite the different parts shown on the screen in horizontal lines, which upon completion sumarn points and desaparecern.

If we build up the pieces and go right to the top of the screen, hopelessly lose. There are seven different piece originally, we have to combine to get form these lines, so it is important not to leave spaces when joining them or we can not complete.

Moreover the game difficulty is that as we go and get more points Caern much msrpido parts, so there will be to rotate or move laterally faster or terminarn acumulndose with all that implies. If you want to see how much you are able to withstand these blocks stacked one behind the other, now's your chance.

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