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Hidden objects Games

Improve your visual acuity with Hidden Objects

We have free hidden object games in Spanish in which you will have to search the images of television series and movies for things that have disappeared. You must open your eyes wide and try to find all those objects before the time ends and you have to start over from the beginning. The hidden objects will sometimes be very difficult to find and for this reason, some of these games offer you clues to find those that you resist the most. Can you find all those objects that have been hidden?

In all video games there are some advantages or collectable objects for players. Although if they have something in common is that they are always hidden from view. That is why we should look into every nook and cranny we find, since we could find some advantage that would allow us to gain the level much faster.

On other occasions to access the secret area that is blocked we must perform some kind of action or defeat a certain enemy to gain access. No doubt there are many secrets that hide programmers in a video game, if you consider yourself a real gamer you must find them all to demonstrate your ability.

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