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Cut the rope Games

Cut the rope and feed the frog

Cut the Rope is a successful saga of video games that were born for Smartphone and Tablet. The mechanism of the games of Cut the Rope is very simple, at the same time that highly addictive since as you advance in the game it is complicated something else. The protagonist of this game is a frog named Om Nom, which is always hungry and wants to reach candy. This candy is usually tied by ropes and through mechanisms we have to make it reach the frog. The gameplay is simple since you only have to slide your finger across the touch screen to cut the strings and drop the candy, we will use the mouse for the PC version. In addition, in each level there are 3 stars, you can overcome a level without collecting them but to unlock new levels packages you will be asked for a certain number of stars.

The games of Cut the Rope were born with their first version in 2010 being an absolute success following many more versions behind. It is estimated that these games have been downloaded more than a hundred million times around the world. Here you can find all the titles of this successful game and others that were born from it. You can play the classic Cut the Rope and other games in which Om Nom will be the protagonist. Do not miss the fun games we have prepared for you in this category of Cut the Rope!

Cut the rope that holds the candy to feed the green monster

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