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Free yandere simulator games

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Do you remember that song that said: "It's not love, it's an obsession"? Well, that's exactly what Yandere Chan has with her Senpai and that obsession will lead her to commit crazy things like murdering all the girls who interfere between them. Will you be able to make Senpai falls in love with Yandere chan?


What is Yandere Simulator?

Yandere Simulator was born as a stealth game developed for PC in 2014 and achieved great fame thanks to streamers like Rubius starting to show it on his channel. Your mission in the game is to control a schoolgirl named Ayano Aishi, but she is better known by her nickname Yandere Chan. She is madly in love with Senpai, a boy from her school, but when she gets close to him, she gets very nervous and can't talk to him. She sees in all the girls at school a danger for her future relationship with Senpai and that is why she is going to kill anyone who gets close to her lover. You have many ways to kill your schoolmates, from the most direct to developing a plan to simulate a suicide.
The objective in Yandere Simulator is to get Senpai to only have eyes for you and for this he will have to finish off the rest of the competition. Use your assassin skills to stealthily kill your schoolmates who come between you and your love. Yandere Simulatoradventure is a lot of fun and that has led to multiple mini-games appearing online that imitate it, and all of them are on our website.

How to play Yandere Simulator

The Yandere Simulator game is very easy to find online so you can download it and start the adventure with this crazy girl who has fallen madly in love with the boy from high school. Of course, you can also have fun with the online minigames that you will find on our website such as the Yandere Simulator Visual Novel version or the Yandere adventure at High School.
As we told you at the beginning, the protagonist is a young woman in love with her Senpai, a slightly older boy from school who she has become obsessed with. Every week, a new girl will want to flirt with your Senpai and your mission will be to get rid of her before Friday arrives, the day on which your crush will be declared and which you must avoid.
To get rid of the girl you can use all kinds of tricks , from blackmail to kidnapping, without forgetting murder, the most common in this game. The ways to kill your opponents are also very varied, from being able to fake a suicide to sticking a knife in their backs and then disposing of the body and not getting caught.

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The success of Yandere Simulator was not long in coming as it offers a very different and action-packed theme, since the adrenaline of killing the girls will have to be added to not being discovered in their misdeeds. The original game consists of 10 weeks, being 10 girls that we will have to get out of the way to get our Senpai.
In the games that we offer you, you can find the free online version of Yandere Simulator , but we also bring you new titles set in their characters, but with totally different gameplay. Here you will find the game in which Yandere kills Senpai, games to paint the protagonists of Yandere Simulator or fun versions in Roblox and Kogama of this action game. All of it on our website available to you!