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Halloween Games

Enjoy the most terrifying night of the year

The day in which the dead are raised and evil rampant in the land is Halloween. This date makes dark evil fearful hide in their homes and pray for their safety, but t you've been out in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily one truck full of weapons has fallen amid the abandoned road, arm yourself with everything you can and Get ready for the night of your life harder. You'll have to face bloodthirsty werewolves, zombies that have emerged from their graves, ghosts and witches.

Each of these beings tendrsus own weaknesses so some of these sernms effective weapons against them, eg blinding grenades Sern very effective against ghosts fear the light. While Sern guns effective against a zombie or a witch, because werewolves can only defeat them using your knife is pure silver. Sers able to survive this terrible night full of monsters ?.

Zombies Games

Survive authentic zombie apocalypse

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Freddy Games

Get ready for the scares of FNAF

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Saw Games

Face the gruesome Saw game

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Animatronic Games

The adventures of terror with animatronics

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