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Pregnant, refers to a popular search on our website with about 764 related games to display
They are all games related to emergencies, baby, look after, pregnant princesses, pregnant, women, hospitals, girls, operate, patients games , among others.
The player can now attend births of pregnant women and care for their newborn babies. These women will need help to have their babies and you will have to give it to them.

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Life begins from within the belly of those women who venture to be mothers. Today we have to witness one of the happiest moments in the life of every woman, that of being a mother. Both pregnancy and the time of delivery are quite hard for moms because their bodies face numerous changes that will not allow them to be the same for the duration of this state. Many young women dream of this moment from an early age and one of their greatest hopes is to become mothers. For all of them, we have very fun online games in which you can help care for pregnant women or be the midwife at the time of delivery.

The funniest thing about these titles is that you are going to meet characters from the world of cartoons that you would never have imagined in this situation. We are talking about the pregnant games for Disney princesses and other characters like Ladybug, Barbie or Angela herself from the Talking Tom games.

In the pregnant games you will be the midwife who will help her give birth to her newborns . For pregnant women, the moment of delivery will be the hardest and we will have to attend the deliveries to get the baby out of her belly. Giving birth is somewhat complicated but with good medical services it may be that it will get better. So make sure you attend the births of the girls well so that they suffer as little as possible. Have fun helping these women give birth, whether at home or in the hospital. Now you can get an idea of what your future can be when you become a mother. It must be taken into account that not all babies are born so easily and there are times when a last-minute caesarean section is necessary.

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Everything is ready for the miracle of life to take place and it is now when our protagonists are going to need your help so that everything ends in complete success. During childbirth many complications can occur and you must be very careful so that this does not happen. In the most classic pregnancy games, you'll have to make sure that everything in the mother is correct: temperature, blood pressure, etc. In addition, we will be able to perform the latest ultrasounds on the mothers to verify that the state of the little ones is the most appropriate.

In the worst case, everything can end in the operating room and that is when things do not come naturally, the cesarean section makes its way so that the baby can reach the world. All this will be what you have to do in the different pregnant games on our website.

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It would be impossible to stay with just one game of all that you can find in this category of our website about pregnancy games . Undoubtedly, the little ones will hallucinate with the games in which they will have to assist their favorite Disney princesses in the delivery and that is that we have games of pregnant Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna from Frozen have their first baby and even Tinkerbell will be a mother in these adventures .

They will not be the only ones and it is that the protagonists of the most famous cartoons of the moment are also prepared for this great moment in their lives. We are referring to the pregnant Ladybug games or the pregnant Barbie games , the most famous doll from Mattel.

Other little-known faces will also need your help in these pregnancy games and we recommend that you keep abreast of the news that will be coming to this category of the web, with the best of online pregnancy games .

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