Schools Games

Disney Princesses: Looks for the CollegeDisney Princesses design their school lockers
Master makeupHighSchool 101 without copying testFight at schoolMischief to flirtGeeks kissesDress the beautiful teacherDress the most popular girlMischief in classesMischief: Brotherhood of womenCopy in an exam without being seenBecomes the fun classDora clean schoolEscape from schoolFast food at schoolFind the differences in schoolBarbie at school
As cheating on a test: 101 Highschool gameHigh school showdownA day on secondaryNaughty boys in schoolTeacher dress upDetectives High School: 101 HigschoolMake gum bubble

Other schools games

Yandere Simulator visual novelLadybug and Cat Noir: ValentineSims RestaurantSuperstar High School gameHigh School Stars series in their normal lifeAgent KC: Spying operationsFrozen: Popular at SchoolDisney Princesses: Looks for the CollegeHairstyles for the SchoolDo not get your cell phone!HighSchool 101 without copying testMatteo and Moon about to kiss

Schools Games

The most fun way to go to school

Missing a few minutes to complete the course that we have learned so much and have spent good times with our peers and lifemates. Do not forget to that companion that we like or that girl that makes us feel like idiots when we look or re. We will go away when the siren sounds, dodging falling geeks and the most handsome boys school.

We can remember those good times playing these fun games to schools where we tinker with our peers or lifemates. Be very careful that you do not see !, otherwise you abrirn a record and sers removed from class, which does not want to happen.

When ests punished in class we maquillaremos when the teacher does not see and will launch kisses to those boys who keep watching us. Also able to dress chemistry professor with horrible dresses for our companions were ran it.

If you are bothered by bullies, we will draw our fury and give slaps up out of the school. We will use martial arts to give him his due. We can also travel to campus to serve fast food and inflate revenues.

Yandere Simulator Games

Conquer your Senpai with Yandere Simulator

Paint Yandere Chan and SenpaiYandere and Senpai: PuzzleYandere Simulator visual novelYandere killing SenpaiAyano Aishi the Yandere SimulatorYandere simulator RPGYandere SchoolDress up Yandere the school killerFlirting in Yandere School

Bully Games

Do justice in the schoolyard

Bully scholarship: PuzzleHigh school warsBullyingBully

Bus Games

Experience driving a bus

3D Parking Bus: SmartphoneBus busting3D omnibusPrison busSchool Bus License 3Parking: Bus collegeHell Bus: Zombies Run OverSchool bus parking frenzyRacing school busArticulated bus driver

Children Games

For the smallest of the house

IlluminationGalinha Pintadinha: Memory GameGeography QuizGuess words in englishWhere are the Teletubbies?Gizmo at ChristmasLucky luke vs dalton3d lucky lukeLogic and trapTeachers, summer campOnline typingSimon signs

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