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Hit your opponents with the bazooka

Have you ever imagined several armies enfrentndose between s clean bazooka? This is what Worms proposes, but to make it more fun rather than human soldiers we met some simpticos and crazy worms.

These worms formarn part of your army and you must guide them in combat, eliminate all your enemies ys the last standing. To fight your enemies in combat by podrs shifts using a variety of weapons and tools, weapons Sern ms so funny because some Sern ridiculous but hilarious.

Among the repertoire of weapons to use find some Classics like machine gun or shotgun, while among the most extraas found a bomb sheep which we release in direction of our enemy and go leaping l to explode against him. Also can use other as simple as empujn, stand next to an enemy and give a subtle nudge toward the vacuum. These fights nonsense is what Worms can offer.

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