Animals Games

Giant Worm 2Cats and fish
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Animals Games

For lovers of the animal world

Animals are an important part of the world's people and must be taken into consideration. Many of them, being in the wild, can look after themselves and do not need the help of humans. Others such as domestic or farm if you need the care of a person and on our website, that will be you.

We found some huge as elephants or whales, while others are really small like the hummingbird. Each of these beings have been genetically improved gradually over centuries and millennia to become the species that are today, these changes have enabled them to survive developing skills that offer them an advantage in habitat.

Some have developed claws or poison stingers to attack their prey, while others have developed systems concealment to blend with the environment and that predators can not find them. Each animal is unique and although there are some similarities all have their own characteristics that differentiate them from the rest, making all the animals know that there is an achievement because even today new species are discovered.

Care and heal animals will be one of the most frequent activities in our games, in which you must get into the skin of a caregiver zoo, veterinary, etc. In many need to handle the animals themselves in many adventures together you will have to finish successfully. Try our games and free animals on your PC and grab control of these cute creatures!

DinosaursBullsHorsesPiranhasAbility2 playersPeppa pigPAW PatrolKirbyTalking tom

Dinosaurs Games

We go back until we reach the time of the dinosaurs

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Bulls Games

Run ahead of the bull and do not let it reach you

Bull RacingBullsPamplona smash!TorerosFire bullBull PamplonaAngry bullSan FerminBull runs behind!Bull killerCheyenne rodeoMounted on the explosive bull

Horses Games

Ride to infinity with these horses

Spirit style Subway SurfersHorse racingHorse Racing: Fence JumpSim horse keeperHorse careRanch BarbieHorse raceGunshot cowboyJockeyChorus of horsesUnicorns careSteel jack

Piranhas Games

Run away from the sharp teeth of the piranhas

Bloody PiranhaHungry shark simulatorTasty blue onlineMedieval sharkPiranha 5PiranhaDangerous Penguins: Frosty frenzyPiranha attacks on christmasFrenzies: Fish robotsBlue whalePiranhas in the lost island

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