Explosive boxesCreate new babiesGet out of my spaceBaby Hazel: Celebrate Father's DayBaby Hazel: Sick of the stomachBaby Hazel: Fishing DayBaby Hazel: Have fun as a veterinarian´ Colorful BridgesFunny red dotFinal GreedBaby Hazel: Have fun at your tree houseJump jump through the heartCastle lightDestroy the insectsBaby Hazel: In fairylandLock DungeonFall of the girlCut all the woodFind the treasureBaby Hazel: Visit the water parkTow the trainJust in timeA spear, a deathBaby Hazel: Enjoy the rainy daysMysterious forestMr. Bullet online funLost in the ruinsSmash GlassBaby Hazel: Have fun at the dinosaur parkFunny bootie sweeperBooty SweeperEnraged cannonAdventures of Moley he Purple MoleBaby Hazel: Time to SleepFireflies TimeJumping on spikesExpress truckSanta Claus ChallengeSuga Moni AdventuresRuby's Adventures: 2DUnknown World: Create a WorldRubber FactoryCrazy Potato AdventureDrive jumpingMedieval lifeThe time workerVacuum cleaner in actionBaby Hazel: Learn to swimThe best adventurerDark mineBaby Hazel has fun on Mother's DayPlatform Adventure: Lootbox EditionCold kingPrepare Baby Hazel for a fun summerGo through the dungeonsPiggy Bank Adventure 2Rebel PrincessSnail Bob 8: Island StoryBeethoven 15: The pianistCaveman AdventureThe mad scientistJim's World AdventureRedBall ForeverMillenials WiFi HungerGoldblade: Adventure in the WaterA Pixel AdventureAdam and Eve 6Pinstripe: A father in hellSupersonic JackBalloon trip to the Fabulous CircusTomb Raider with Lara CroftFoxyland 2AlfyNowhere, but go aheadForest Ranger AdventureMy little planet earthAdam and Eve AstronautAdventures in the middle of the skyBaby Hazel takes care of her newborn brotherFrozen double trouble

Other adventures games

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Adventures Games

Live the best adventures with us

Live your own adventure with these free adventure games where you will be amazed with mysteries and enthusiasm when embarking on a journey that has never been anyone. Living an authentic adventure is what moves many people to do the impossible, now you can start to live yours without leaving home with these adventure games.

Draw a thousand and one dangers by jumping from platform to platform, fight against evil space monsters and return peace to the galaxy or just live a fast-paced story in search of treasure. You can become the protagonist or accompany famous characters such as Luffy, the Minions or Mario Bros in their adventures and help them in everything they need, because without your help they can not complete the task that has been entrusted to them.

The beauty of living something unique is that you can become someone totally different, you can be a ninja in search of your friends like Naruto or a curious journalist in search of the truth at any price like Tintin. Become whoever you want, but keep in mind that a new life has its dangers too.

Explore new virtual worlds full of fantasies and challenges almost impossible to overcome

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