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Explore new virtual worlds full of fantasies and challenges that are almost impossible to overcome. Bring out your most adventurous side and live these stories in the first person.

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One of the oldest genres in the world of video games and minigames are adventure games, which are characterized by having to carry out an exploration of the territory, research, solve a puzzle and interact with the rest of the characters in the game. We have seen how adventure video games have been set in stories that we have known in the world of literature or in big screen movies. Adventure games, in turn, can include a wide variety of literary genres such as science fiction, horror, mystery, fantasy, or even comedy.

Without a doubt, among the most famous adventure games of all time we find The Legend of Zelda or King's Quest among others, but if we go to the most recent ones we can mention some such as the Uncharted saga or Assasin's Creed.

Without a doubt, the heyday of adventure video games was the 80s and early 90s, but it is a genre that has managed to maintain itself perfectly over time with great adventures that have marked generations. As we tell you, there is a lot of variety within adventure games and we will see them better in the next point.

Know the Types of Adventure Video Games that exist

If we base ourselves on different criteria we can distinguish several types of adventure games. These vary in their theme, setting, story and interface, but a definite classification cannot be made because the same game can belong to different types from which we are going to distinguish.

The first of them are text or conversational adventure games which used a verb-noun syntax analyzer with which to interact with the user. The second typology is found in the graphic adventure games that were introduced by the company On-Line Systems, the best known being King's Quest. Many games came out with this premise of being a graphic adventure and graphics were added to the conversational games that would make a leap in this type of games.

Role-playing games are also often considered adventure games, although there will be differences. When talking about a game based on problem solving, they are considered adventure, while if they focus a lot on combat and statistics, they are considered RPG.

Finally, we are also going to look at puzzle-type adventure games or interactive adventure games among these types of adventure games that we are going to distinguish.

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And if you want to see what we have to offer you in terms of the online adventure games that fill the internet, you can't miss this new section of our website. In this category of adventure games we have compiled more than 300 games among which you will find new mini-game adventures and others that are based on timeless classics.

The best thing about adventure games is that they are so varied in theme that you will always find a story in which to be the protagonist. Start your journey, meet your objectives, face your enemies and find a solution to the adventure games that we offer on our website.

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