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Save the world of Jump City with Cartoon Network's Teen Titans squad and face the villains who want to endanger the population of this city.

- Teens and Titans join the adventures of Teen titans GO! to start a new heroic adventure. These teenagers want to remedy the evil of the villains by using their super powers against evil villains like the Alliance of Evil.
The Teen titans take refuge in the T-shaped headquarters where they see everything bad that happens in the city of Jump City.
Move around the city with Robin using this peculiar boy's guns and super powers. You will be involved in a shootout of criminals armed to the teeth and you will have to be the hero of the day by arresting the criminals who frighten society.
Robin has to stop the gang of evil and to get there on time he has to ride the new Teen titans motorcycle running at full speed and jumping all the obstacles you find on the way.
Play and have fun planning the fight of the Teen Titans in a strategy battle where you have to select the movements and attacks.