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Free talking tom games

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Talking tom, refers to a popular search on our website with about 39 related games to display
They are all games related to angela, tom, talk games , among others.
Have fun with the cat that answers and repeats everything you say. We have new adventures with cat Tom and the rest of his friends, not to mention his girlfriend Angela.

Who is Talking Tom?

My Talking Tom was born as a mobile application that followed the success of Pou, the virtual pet that triumphed a few years before. The experiment went quite well because sequels to the game soon began to appear, but starring other characters. This is the case of My Talking Angela (a young blue-eyed cat in love with Tom), My Talking Hank (a small dog who is very close to Tom) and the adventures of Talking Tom and Friends, in which we met other characters from the franchise.

The game was very well received by the general public and Tom's character was gaining relevance in mobile games, but also in online mini-games. Many took advantage of the pull of Tom, Angela and the rest of the friends from My Talking Friends to create Tom mini-games online. On our website we have created this category of Talking Tom games so that you can find all the online titles of this character and not go crazy searching among the thousands of games on our website.

In total, we have more than 40 Talking Tom games on our website with themes as varied as Tom coloring games, My Talking Angela dress-up games or we can witness the wedding of both cats. You want to know more? Read on before jumping into the adventure.

How to Play Talking Tom?

The mechanics of the original My Talking Tom game are very simple and, as we told you at the beginning, it reminds us a lot of virtual pets like Pou. In the end, your mission is to give the best care to a little kitten named Tom, although you can change his name. You have to interact with it to make it grow into an adult cat. To do this, you will have to bathe him, feed him, play, make him rest and much more.

But, the peculiarity of this virtual pet was its ability to speak. Yes, Tom was able to repeat those words he heard through the device's microphone and he did so with a synthesized voice. That is why this series of mobile games received the name My Talking Tom, since they had the ability to repeat what we told them.

Within the APP coin purchases were added, with them you could personalize your Tom even more and also visit the young cat's friends and travel the world. Tom's adventure was somewhat limited in the beginning because now he has become the protagonist of multiple online Talking Tom games that you cannot miss. Start the different adventures and discover a side of Tom, Angela and the rest of their friends that you didn't know until now.

Talking Tom Minigames online

We have already told you enough about the origin of My Talking Tom and the operation of the game that made it popular, but it is time to focus on all those adventures that you will live on our website with the online Talking Tom games. Get ready because you have many different themes to have fun with the young cat. From dressing up Talking Tom and Angela games to accompanying them on the adventure of becoming parents for the first time. Don't forget to enjoy the wedding of Talking Tom and Talking Angela that will take place on our website.

The Talking Angela dressing and makeup games will also be a constant in the theme of her video games, so we invite you to join the challenge. In total, we have more than 40 Talkint Tom games with which you can spend a great afternoon of fun with your friends. Do not miss it!

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