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We face the Mortal Kombat fighters in 2 player mode so that you perform the Fatality and Finish Him of each one of them with which to defeat the opponents.

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This series created in 1992 was released in arcade machines, captivating players, until they finally reached consoles and are now available on your screens. The story of this saga tells us how its characters have been selected to fight in a tournament where chosen people from all the kingdoms participate.

There are a large number of fighters and each of them has a unique fighting style, some prefer hand-to-hand combat while others are capable of using spiritual energies to perform surprising attacks. Some use weapons, hooks or claws among other gadgets to fight, this brings us to the point where we can perform special movements with each of them called Fatality to finish off the opponent. A Fatality is a brutal movement loaded with blood and designed to neutralize or kill our rival. Join the fight for the title of tournament champion and eliminate your opponents in these free online Mortal Kombat games to play on PC or Android mobile devices.

Now you can join the best Mortal Kombat fights on our website, both with the most classic original games and with the online mini-games that have been set in their adventures to offer very fun fighting games on the Internet.

What makes Mortal Kombat special compared to other Fighting Games?

In the world of video games there are many titles in which you can test your fighting skills, but Mortal Kombat stood out from the rest from its beginnings. Without a doubt, when Mortal Kombat came out, what was most striking was its extreme violence and its large, fully digitalized graphics. The fighters, for the most part, were humans and were recaptured and incorporated into the game, each of them having unique and special abilities. Each player has a story behind them to participate in the Mortal Kombat tournament and they will give their all to achieve victory.

Among the fighters we can find hand-to-hand movements and others that will use special powers or weapons such as knives. Without a doubt, one of the great assets to highlight of Mortal Kombat was that great final blow to finish off the rivals and where we can see that extreme violence the most since they included decapitations, dismemberments, explosions and much more. We are talking about those known as Fatalities, although over time new versions such as babalities, animalities or brutalities appeared.

Recall the best Mortal Kombat fights and enjoy its special features that make this street fighting game unique in which there can only be one winner.

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On our website we have created a collection of more than 20 online Mortal Kombat games that you can now start enjoying from your PC or mobile devices. In this collection you will find everything from classic Mortal Kombat titles, thanks to online retro console simulators, to other online versions that fans have created based on these fights.

If you already have your favorite character, start the most classic Mortal Kombat adventures on our website and show that you have no rival when it comes to facing the strongest fighters in this franchise. Can you win the Mortal Kombat Tournament?

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