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We face the Mortal Kombat fighters in 2 player mode for you to do the fatality
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Mortal kombat Games

Annihilate rivals in Mortal Kombat

This series created in 1992 was launched in recreational machines captivating the players, until they finally reached the consoles and are now available on your screens. The history of this saga tells us the story of its characters, each unique and with different reasons to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament. There are a lot of fighters and each of them has a unique fighting style, some prefer hand-to-hand combat while others are able to use spiritual energies to make surprising attacks. Some use weapons, hooks or claws among other gadgets to fight, this brings us to the point where we can make special movements with each of them called Fatality to finish off the contrary. A Fatality is a brutal movement full of blood and is designed to neutralize or kill our rival. Join the fight for the title of champion of the tournament and eliminate your opponents based on blows.

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