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Fortnite Games

Fortnite Games

Welcome to Fortnite Battle Royale online where you can play new versions of our Fortnite games that we offer online. Gun games where you have to survive the hunger games on a virtual island where other players land to get the best weapons with which you will have to learn to live in this hostile world.

Fortnite is the fashion game on YouTube, which everyone talks about and how weird is the one who has not played it yet. Follow the classic Battle Royale system, as well as having a story mode and, recently, a creative mode has been developed. Undoubtedly, the one that has had the most impact is its online Battle Royale mode that has won over players from all over the world and has been crowned as the game of the year. Fortnite is a game praised by critics and among its qualities it has a very important one that has made it succeed, it is free in this game mode.

If you are still one of the few people that has not yet fallen into the temptation of Fortnite, we explain briefly what this game is and what you can find in this category of the web, with its best mini-games versions.

A Battle Royale is, for us to understand, a kind of Hunger Games in which only one can stay alive and proclaim itself the winner. In Fortnite, 100 players will find you on a large bus that moves around the map, so players can fall where they prefer. Once you fall, you'll have to be very quick to search for loot, or resources. Get weapons, healing, potions that give you more life and do not forget to use the pick to get materials (wood, stone and metal) that will serve to create buildings. Kill every enemy you encounter on the pitch and get to the end. The map is very large, so not to eternalize the games, there is a storm. This storm will move forward and leave a safe area on the map. You should go looking for that safe area because if the storm reaches you, you will lose life until you die. This forces the players to meet and the final battle between the survivors takes place.

In this section of our website you can find the funniest versions of this game Battle Royale, IO versions and many others in which you will live all the pressure of survival in Fortnite but in a more relaxed way. You can now enjoy all the action that Fortnite offers and its associated games.

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