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Face Dr. Cortex with Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a friendly fox that since the nineties is present in adventure video games and platform, although one of its popular games is one of the leading kart in a close race with exciting enemies in chariots burst while boxes surprises that is in the path of the race can attack enemies with different weapons.

Do you rent running in the race of Kart Crash Bandicoot ?. Mounted on the kart and stand out on the grill to start the race where you have to burst forward and boxes surprises for a new attack or turbo. Can you overtake the wicked Dr.Cortex ?. Cortex is the doctor and the villain of Crash Bandicoot. He is a psychopath who nags Crash Bandicoot and wants to destroy the world with their pets Animaladas created by himself.

Maybe you like the Jet ski or jet skis. Your mission is to ride the jet ski and sail at full speed jumping and avoiding obstacles.

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