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Battle Royale Games

Take on Battle Royale and be the survivor

The games of Battle Royale are fashionable in the world of video games and that is why we created a new category in which we will bring the most successful online titles of the moment. Surely you have played Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1, or mobile games like Realm Royale of this same theme. If you still do not know what the Battle Royale games are, keep reading carefully and we'll tell you everything you need to know about them.

Battle Royale refers to survival games in which there can only be one winner. It mostly consists of jumping out of an airplane with another 100 players and trying to fall into a good area to find equipment with which to face your opponents. You will find rifles, shotguns, snipers, bombs, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and many other weapons, as well as medicine cabinets and bandages to cure your health. Get the best loot before facing your opponents and you'll have an advantage in the war. Also, when you kill another player you can keep all their equipment and improve your arsenal to continue the game.

Another feature of the Battle Royale games is the existence of an area or storm, which will make the map smaller and smaller to favor the encounter between the players. The time will come when the circle is so small that you have to find your opponents safely. That's why you have to be well armed before reaching the last zone and face the players who have survived so far. The game ends when the final battle occurs between the finalists, leaving a single winner.

To make this experience more fun you have different game modes in which you can play alone, in duos or squads (a group of 4 players maximum). In the modes for 2 or more players you have the advantage that you can be healed by your teammates if a rival knocks you to the ground. The strategy and being able to communicate with your teammates will be crucial to get the victory in the Battle Royale.

In this fantastic section you will find this type of Battle Royale games in which you will face people from all over the world in an epic war in the style of The Hunger Games. You can do it alone or with friends, that's what you choose. Have a good time with the best online Battle Royale games, simulating Fortnite or PUBG. Will you be the last to stay on the sand?

Survive in the sand and be the last alive. Play alone, in duos or squads to win.

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