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He enjoys dressing the famous doll of Mattel Barbie, in addition to being able to live many other adventures with Ken, his sister Chelsea and all the friends who always accompany him.

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The Barbie doll is undoubtedly the star product of the Mattel toy company and has been in our lives for more than 50 years. The evolution that the Barbie doll has undergone over the years is spectacular and today we can see a wide spectrum of Barbie dolls of all styles, abandoning the classic blonde doll with blue eyes.

Barbie began as a doll, but her success has taken her to the small screen and also to the big screen and her success is so current that a new film with Barbie as the protagonist in live action will be released in 2023. Barbie's animated movies are also a classic and there we were able to meet the rest of the family, her sisters and relatives.

Undoubtedly, the Barbie couple also caught the eye and the famous Ken became another of the company's best sellers. Other characters such as the Stacie, Skipper or Chelsea sisters were added to these.

We can see all of them in the fantastic online Barbie mini-games that you can find on our website. This character is very famous and that is why it is not surprising that in this category of Barbie games you can find more than 75 different games in which we have her as the protagonist and, if you do not want to miss any of them, we recommend that you start playing soon Because many more will come.

The Best Barbie Games on the Internet

Pay attention to this category on our website where you can find everything from the latest titles to old Barbie games that were very well received by the general public. If Barbie is characterized by something, it is for being a very versatile person and that is that we have versions of Barbie adapting to different professions, Barbie on vacation and many other daily activities in which we can accompany the Mattel doll.

Well, in Barbie's online minigames it's practically the same, in most of them we're going to be invited to live a part of Barbie's life and we can help her in her daily chores. Similarly, among the most popular Barbie games on the Internet we can find crossovers with other very famous girls. We are talking about Barbie games with Disney Princesses or other animated characters such as Monster High or Miraculous Ladybug.

Fun is more than guaranteed with the old and the most recent Barbie games, so if you don't want to miss any of these online adventures, we invite you to try all these mini-games that we have for you.

Dress up, make up, dating games and much more with Barbie as the protagonist

In the world of Barbie there is time for everything and that is why we are going to find Barbie games with multiple themes. You can't miss the action games in which Barbie and her friends will become spies. We also have titles in which you will have to face challenges such as the Barbie Puppy Adventure or the Barbie memory games.

But, without a doubt, one of the most repeated themes in Barbie online games is dressing, makeup and everything related to the world of beauty and fashion. From having romantic dates with Ken to preparing for different events will be our objective in these online minigames. In addition, you will be able to accompany Barbie in very important stages of her life, such as the arrival of her first baby with pregnant Barbie games or those of preparing her own wedding.

If all this has managed to grab your attention, you have no idea of all the fun that is to come in this category of Barbie games. Here we propose great adventures with the old Barbie games and the newest ones that you will find on the net. Are you sure you're going to let them escape?

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