free Angry birds Games

free Angry birds Games

The birds of Angry Birds invade our page with their games where they destroy the pigs. In this game you have to throw the birds to kill your enemies and for this you need a great skill. You have to aim and collapse structures to accumulate points.

Angry birds Games

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angry birds

Angry birds Games

How to play angry birds free, no downloads

The friendliest birds need your help, the evil pigs have stolen eggs to eat. The Angry Birds have embarked on a crusade to rescue their eggs at all costs, so is his fury to be launched against pigs and structures where they hide using their own bodies as weapons.

Using a large slingshot various birds they will be launched against the structures that pigs use to defend themselves, their goal to destroy and kill all pigs there inside. This will bring them a step closer to King Pig, as he ordered the kidnapping of eggs to eat.

Each of the Angry Birds will have a different skill, such network red bird will be more effective against wood, yellow bird will have a special ability that allows us after launch activate a turbo destroying everything in its path, the little bird will split in three equal by clicking on them and experts will destroy the ice blocks. There are other types of birds, but the important thing is you use them wisely because if a single pig survives not get recover their precious eggs.

The success of these birds has led his players to various sagas of video games and even this year we can enjoy them on the big screen with "Angry Birds: The Movie". On our site you can find your multiple versions of games that have to continue to help the birds against pigs. Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds vs Zombies and many more you can enjoy your PC. Needless downloads missing since here they are completely online, so you have no excuse not to enjoy the angry birds.

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