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What are Battle Royale Games?

Battle Royale games are a genre within video games in which elements of a survival video game are combined with last player standing type gameplay. It seems that Battle Royale games are a novelty, but nothing could be further from the truth, they have simply now experienced their great boom thanks to external agents. The name Battle Royale comes from a Japanese novel of the same name in which a theme similar to that of a last player standing is discussed, but, without a doubt, it was after 2012 when this theme became more fashionable due to the arrival departure. to the cinema of the adaptation of the novels of The Hunger Games.
In Battle Royale games what we are going to find is a survival adventure in which we will have to survive and be the last ones alive on the playing field. Here, how many kills you have achieved or whether you have a great aim is not valued, but rather your ability to survive and reach the end of the game will be valued.
PUBG or Fortnite are the games that have made this Battle Royale game mode famous, but since then versions have not stopped coming out both in video games and in the world of online minigames. Get ready to learn about all the Battle Royale games we have for you, but first we will explain how to play.

How to Play Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale titles have elements in common, which is what includes them in this category of games and we are going to see them all so that you can learn the gameplay in this style. All players start with the same conditions, completely unarmed and with nothing to help them in their survival mission. They have to jump from a plane, helicopter or similar to a map full of areas to discover. Once you are on land, it is time for you to search every corner in search of weapons, armor, cures and everything that helps you survive.
The strategy you can carry out depends on you, it can be more aggressive or you can think carefully about each move avoiding conflict because, remember that the important thing here is to be the last one alive, not the one with the most losses. The map is huge and so that people are not left camping there is the figure of the storm, the gas or similar (it varies depending on the game). It is invading the playing field and you have to get to the safe area to avoid damage from the gas. This is how the players who are still alive are encouraged to come closer and have the last fights.
Now that you know how to play Battle Royale games, all you have to do is take a look at our collection of games that are loaded with a lot of action.

The Best Battle Royale Games on our website

On our website we have collected the Battle Royale games that are succeeding on the Internet and on platforms such as video game consoles or mobile games. We have a collection of 65 Battle Royale games where you can test your survival skills in these last player standing games.
In recent history, it was Minecraft and ARMA 2 mods that included this game mode, but without a doubt it was PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) and Fortnite that made this style popular. Then came Free Fire for mobile phones and other IO games that have perfectly imitated this game mode. All of them are on our website and you can start your own adventure now in these online Battle Royale games.