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Paw Patrol: Catch That Robot Paw Patrol: Jigsaw Game PAW Patrol: Dance Party Surprise Game Paw patrol superhero Costume party Paw Patrol: Halloween Puzzle Party Paw Patrol: Ready, Set, Solve It! Paw Patrol Smash Paw Patrol: Air Patroller Paw Patrol: Sea Patrol Paw Patrol: Mission Paw Game Paw Patrol: Tracker´s Jungle Rescue 2 Paw Patrol: Snow Day
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Travel to Bahía Aventura with Paw Patrol 🔥

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La Patrulla Canina, Paw Patrol in its original name, also known as Patrulla de Cachorros in Latin America, is an animated series that has been on the air for almost 10 years, seeing the light of day in 2014. It stars a group of puppies who are directed by Ryder, a 10-year-old boy who loves technology. The group of pups is made up of Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Chase, Skye, Everest, Tracker, Ella and Tuck.
These puppies have unique personalities and different abilities that are necessary to have a very complete and homogeneous group that will face the different problems that arise in Bahía Aventura. Together they will undertake rescue missions using their special skills and vehicles. They will work together to fix any disagreements that take place in the city and they will also need your help in the Paw Patrol online games .
And not only have they had great success on the small screen, they have become characters much loved by the little ones and all this has meant that the merchandising of the brand is increasing. Here we find their video games for well-known platforms and also the online mini-games that they dedicate to their adventures. If you want to know the best Paw Patrol online games , you are in the right place because we offer you a wide catalog so you can have a blast.

Chase, Marshall, Skye and the rest of the Patrol await you in their online games

Nickelodeon is the network in charge of presenting the adventures of Paw Patrol, which has been on the air for 9 seasons now, including more and more puppies in this patrol of canine superheroes. This is the case of Everest that appears in the 2nd season or Tracker that is included from the third.
In our Paw Patrol online games we have also brought together the most select group in charge of the security of Bahía Aventura, but we need a chief commander and that is you. If you want to start having fun with new adventures about Paw Patrol, you can't miss these fun games. Many of them are also set in real episodes of the animated series, so the scenarios will surely sound familiar to you.
If something defines our catalog of Paw Patrol games, it is the variety and it is that these characters have been introduced in adventures very similar to those of their television series, but also in classic adventures that have been adapted to their drawings. We are talking about the classic Candy Crush or the coloring games that will introduce us to Paw Patrol as part of their adventure. All this and much more now available on our website where you can find 25 Paw Patrol games .

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As we told you in the previous point, we have a large number of Paw Patrol games so you can enjoy them online, without downloads and totally free. We are going to offer you a wide variety of games, but if you want to know which are the best, sign up for these titles that you will find on our website.
For this we are going to base ourselves on the most played Paw Patrol games , which are none other than adventure games in which we can drive and use the skills of our favorite puppies. Paw Patrol Catch That Robot, Paw Patrol Fire Pup Team and Paw Patrol: Mission Paw Game are the Top 3 most played games on our website.
Do you want to know why they are the most played? Well, start your own adventure and remember that you can leave a comment with your opinion to let us know that you liked it and that we bring many more free Paw Patrol games to our website.