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Mahjong, refers to a popular search on our website with about 32 related games to display
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What is Mahjong game?

Mahjong is one of the most classic games that we can find today and it came to Europe from China, its place of origin. Although, the original game is a board game designed for 4 players and the tiles are exactly the same as those of the game we know on the European continent. In the original version, the game is played with 144 tiles and players start with 13 each. The mechanics are much more complex, but what has come and endured to this day is the Solitaire Mahjong version or also known as Shanghai.
This type of Mahjong is the most widespread in our country and you will be able to see this thanks to the great multitude of online Mahjong games that you will find on the net. The rules are much simpler and you have to make pairs with the same symbols to completely clear the screen. Of course, you have to follow several rules to be able to select one or the other token.
In short, just like in other countries we have solitaire games with cards, in China this Mahjong became popular and soon reached the rest of the continents, becoming a classic since it has been with us since the beginning of the 20th century. Now you can enjoy the best versions of Mahjong , both with the classic tiles and with other custom tiles like The Simpsons and many more.

How to Play Mahjong Online

The mechanics of the solitaire Mahjong game are simple and a couple of games will be enough for you to gain control of this game. It is very simple and it is that at the beginning of the level the chips will be distributed randomly around the board. Your objective is to clear all the tiles and for this we have to match them with their equals. To do this, we have to make sure that the tile we want to select is not trapped between two others, to the left and right, otherwise it will be blocked and until we undo this situation we won't be able to pair it.
The difficulty is that there is not only a couple of symbols in each game, there are more options, but only one will lead you to victory, since if you match two that you shouldn't, pieces will remain locked until the end, which will force you to restart the match.
In the different Mahjong games we are presented with different tile arrangements so that the challenge is different in each game. You simply have to stop to think and demonstrate your ability to end this challenge that comes to us from the ancient East.

Challenge your skill with Mahjong solo play

Now that you know how to play Mahjong solitaire, all you have to do is enter our catalog and select the title that you like the most from our collection. Among them you will be able to find the classic Mahjong games, with the tiles decorated with oriental symbols. But, there are many versions of this great classic that have reached our website. In these versions the tabs are varied and personalized with the theme. This is how we find the fantastic Mahjong from The Simpsons, a Mahjong from Real Madrid or Goku , among others. Many of these Mahjong are exclusive games on our website, developed by ourselves and that you will only be able to find here.
Get ready for the challenge and enjoy one of the most fun classic games with which you can learn other ways to play solo games. Discover the most complete collection of Mahjong games on the Internet on our website.