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New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Super Mario World Advance Super Smash Bros Mario is Missing! Super Mario World Classic Yoshi in Sonic 2 Super Smash Bros 64 On Line Super Mario World: The Crown´s Tale Super Mario World DX Super Mario World 2: Yoshi´s Island Super Mario Kart: Crazy Tracks Super Mario N64 in Kogama Mario party Phenomenal Mario World

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🥚 Enjoy the adventures of the best friend of Mario and Luigi Bros. 🦖
There are many characters that have come out of the Super Mario Bros video game franchise, but today we have one of the most special. We are talking about his inseparable friend Yoshi, a hybrid dinosaur that is part of a unique species that only exists in the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi has accompanied Mario Bros in various adventures and has also starred in his own in his series of video games where we have been able to get to know him a little more thoroughly.
It was in 1990, in the Super Mario World game, when we first met Yoshi in the SNES game. Yoshi belongs to the Yoshis race whose particularity is that each of them is a different color, the green being that of our protagonist that we met in this first game. To the adventures of Mario Bros. we must add the games of Yoshi's Island or Yoshi's Story, the first to emerge from its history. In addition, he is one of the fixed characters in the Mario Bros spin offs such as Mari Party, Smash Bros or Mario Kart.
Yoshi demonstrates his great abilities, among which are the handling of his extendable tongue or the power of his eggs when thrown. In some Mario Bros titles we have known other Yoshi powers that have served to solve his adventures, also depending on the color of Yoshi he has one or the other abilities. You can discover all this in all the Nintendo adventures that we will find in the Yoshi games.
🥚 Yoshi's Minigames that succeed on the net 🦖
The Yoshi dinosaur is one of the Nintendo characters most loved by the general public and its success was not long in coming. Not only was it translated into their own Nintendo titles, but it was also noticed by minigame developers to appeal to a more children's audience. This is how you will be able to find from adventure Yoshi mini-games to other much more relaxed ones. We refer with the latter to the Yoshi painting games, Yoshi puzzle games or the memory card games with the Nintendo dinosaur.
To these Yoshi minigames we are going to add the great classics that are back on our website thanks to online retro console simulators. This is how you will be able to enjoy Yoshi's best titles, both his own and those in which he stars alongside Super Mario Bros. In addition, there are what are known as hackroms, modified versions of original games in which fans add improvements and new mechanics to offer completely new adventures.
All this and much more is already available in this new category of the web where we will be collecting the best online Yoshi minigames that exist on the web. There are more than 25 games that you already have available and they will increase in the continuous updates that we make of the web. Do not miss it!
🥚 Play with Yoshi in his most Classic Video Games 🦖
As we told you, being able to remember your favorite Yoshi games online is now even easier and this is thanks to retro console simulators. This is how classic titles such as Yoshi Island or Yoshi's Highland come to our website. In addition to the hackrom with unpublished adventures that you can only find on the net.
You cannot miss the funniest crossovers in which we will see Yoshi participate in the most classic adventures of other characters. In this field, we recommend that you take a look at Yoshi's title in Sonic 2, in which the Nintendo dinosaur will have to face the classic SEGA hedgehog mission.
Delve into the best missions of the Nintendo dinosaur and enjoy the games of always and now that Yoshi stars and in which we can also see the appearance of his inseparable friends Mario and Luigi Bros.