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Travel with Doraemon's magic pocket 🔥

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Do you know Doraemon, the Cosmic Cat?

The Doraemon cartoon series is one of the longest-running on our television and several generations have grown up living its adventures that are now complemented with these online Doraemon games. This series has become one of the most famous Japanese anime in history that has been on the air for many years, which is why it is known by several generations who grew up with the adventures of its protagonists. Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the 22nd century who has been sent to the past by Sewashi Nobi, Nobita's great-great-grandson to help him have a better life that his descendants will benefit from in the future. Sewashi is aware of the misfortunes that await his ancestor in the future and although he wanted to send something better, his budget only reached him to be able to send this robot rejected due to a defect in its manufacturing.
The Doraemon chapters have a very basic and similar approach in each of them. Nobita has a problem and he will turn to his inseparable friend Doraemon to help him with an object he has in his magical pocket. In the end, Nobita always ends up abusing the object, bringing him even more problems that our friend Doraemon must solve. Luckily now he can count on your help and save Nobita from his own unconsciousness in the online Doraemon games.

The Doraemon and Nobita Games that you will love

The success of Doraemon has not simply remained in its anime and manga series, it also managed to make the leap to the big screen with its movie and in the world of video games it was also present from the beginning. Many of these video games have only seen the light of day in Japan, but thanks to online retro console simulators we can have fun with these hits that did not reach our country.
Not only are there official Doraemon games, he is also a very recurring character in the world of online minigames, although unfortunately many classic titles have been lost after the fall of flash games. However, there are still many with whom you can continue having fun with the cosmic cat.
Likewise, there will be no shortage of painting games for Doraemon and the rest of its characters. It is not the only classic game that we are going to find covered by Doraemon, we can also see it in others such as a Doraemon Mahjong or Cut the Rope with this famous television character. You can now find all this and much more available on our website.

What does Doraemon have for us in his magic pocket? Find out in their Online Games

Doraemon's magic pocket always has solutions to Nobita's problems, but in these games they will be of no use because the person in charge of helping our friend the cosmic cat will be you. Get ready to have fun with the online adventures that Doraemon offers us and experience a great afternoon of entertainment with your all-time favorite characters.
Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gigante and the rest of the cosmic cat's gang of friends continue to entertain all generations and if you want to know their most classic official games we also offer them here.

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