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Classics, refers to a popular search on our website with about 358 related games to display
They are all games related to classics, pacman, simulators, pang games , among others.

What Games are considered Classics?

The trend in video games today is hyper-realistic graphics, an open world with miles and miles of extension, complex stories and lots of action. Advances in technology have given us very entertaining titles adapted to new times, but the truth is that video games were not invented in this millennium. There were much simpler games before and now retro is back.
Nostalgia for the old and the retro 8 and 16-bit aesthetic is very present, something that we can see in the indie games that continue to use that aesthetic to attract those who miss the games of yesteryear the most. It surprised everyone back in 1972 to be able to play virtual ping pong and this only increased with companies like Nintendo, Konami or SEGA that were pioneers in the sector.
Perhaps you present a classic game to a kid today and he is surprised by the graphics that may seem ridiculous if we compare them with the current ones, but that older people see as relics that should not be lost. These are the classic games that you will be able to find in this category of the website and we invite you to try without prejudice the games that started all the madness that we have today.

The Classic Games of the 80s that are still very much alive

The 80s were a great boom for video games and they have left us classics that continue to be great sales successes today since the entire public is used to seeing them, we have grown up with them.
One of them is Donkey Kong, the famous game created by Miyamoto in arcade mode that is a classic today. Its most classic game is Mario and Donkey Kong, in which they will be rivals and you have to avoid the barrels that the monkey throws at the plumber. It came out for arcade machines, but it also had a version for NES and Game