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🔫 What are Action Games? 🧨
Action games are among the most numerous in the world of video games and within it other subgenres can be included in which the majority of games could be included since it is the broadest and most encompassing. Action games are usually called those in which the player must use speed, skill and reaction time to win. Within this category we can find shooting games, platform games, fighting games and many others.
The first action games became popular in arcade machines back in the 70s-80s of the 20th century. What they wanted was to test the player's skill and they tended to be short, but very addictive. Within the arcade games that were prevailing such as sports or driving, action games were making their place in the sector and covering many others.
Among the first action games for arcade machines we can find Kung Fu Master or even Space Invaders can be considered an action game since you had to shoot and avoid your rival's shots to complete the levels. With the passage of time and the advancement of video game consoles and video games, countless titles began to arrive that today are among the most popular action games.
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The objective of each action game varies a lot depending on the title, but if we look at it in a general way the truth is that in almost all of them we will be required to meet an objective to advance through the levels in which we will go. facing off against hordes of enemies and tackling puzzles. Something that is also common in action games is the presence of mid-bosses and a large final boss. Mid-bosses are usually like a full stop in a group of levels, starting a new part of the story.
Within the subgenres we will find different variants, as in the case of platform games that usually include jumping across various platforms, fixed or mobile. Other action games have gameplay more in the style of first-person shooter video games. Everything will ultimately depend on the game, but you already have an idea of how you can start playing the action games on our website.
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We have already told you that action games are the most numerous and on our website we have more than 600 action games in which you can test everything you know about this topic in video games. We have already given you keys to everything you can find in this section of our page, including action games, platform games or even shooters that would also be immersed in action games.
The best thing about finding so much variety is that we are convinced that you will be able to enjoy games that will surprise you and that you won't be able to stop playing. We welcome you to this new category of action games on our website and we challenge you to beat them all.