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Tom and Jerry: Chocolate ChaseTom and Jerry: Hidden Objects
Tom and Jerry escapes the zombiesJerry cheese and houseJerry shooterRun jerry run!Tom and Jerry an endless struggleTom and jerry: Taser gunTom and jerry: AircraftTom and JerryTom and jerry trapTom kissesTom and Jerry: Jumps in AntarcticaTom and jerry raidersTom and Jerry in carnivalTom and jerry xtreme adventure 3Tom and jerry crossTom and Jerry in the snow
Tom and jerry tntJerry brosTom and Jerry: Motorcycle racingTom and Jerry on the beachTom and jerry: JumpingTom and Jerry in search of cheeseTom and Jerry: Adventures in schoolTom and jerry atvTom and jerry motorbikeTom and Jerry seek errors

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Tom and Jerry: Chocolate ChaseTom and Jerry: Hidden ObjectsTom and jerry trapTom and Jerry escapes the zombiesTom and Jerry in the snowTom and jerry: Taser gunTom and Jerry an endless struggleTom and Jerry: Adventures in schoolTom and jerry tractor 2Tom and Jerry: Motorcycle racingTom and jerry: JumpingJerry bros

Tom and jerry Games

The eternal rivalry between the mouse and the cat

The fantastic animated series Tom and Jerry reaps success even today and the proof are the mini-games that have them as players and we have collected in this section of the page. Tom is a cat home, either by hunger, to fulfill his duty as a domestic cat or simple apathy, he wants to hunt down the mouse Jerry cohabiting in the same house. Jerry is a small but very clever mouse who likes to annoy the cat, but his true passion is cheese and is what you want to get in their odysseys into the kitchen. Tom will try to avoid this situation and put traps, either by cunning mouse or cat clumsiness, never end well and ends up being hit by them.

The plot of the chapters will be to see how Tom wants to catch Jerry and Jerry runs away from Tom, which means a continuous fight between the two. In most games will be equal and some will have to help the cat to catch his great enemy, have dodged the pitfalls that await you on the road and be smarter than your opponent to finish him once and for all .

In other games, you can help prevent rodent the cat hunting for that you must help to use weapons or gadgets created to trap Him the evil cat. You can also tell you the best way to escape at levels full of platforms and mazes, which will certainly need help.

If you can not decide between helping one or the other, you can also color them in different colors to give them life and even play with them to find the differences between two images of the series. Learn everything you can about these animals, and their strange habits as whether animals have a very human sense inside. Whatever you choose you can start with the fantastic fun and games Tom and Jerry!

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