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Tom and jerry

🔥 The eternal rivalry between the mouse and the cat 🔥

The oldest cat and mouse of Cartoon Network offer us chases between cats and mice

The fantastic animated series Tom and jerry reaps successes even today and proof of this are the mini-games that have them as protagonists and that we have collected in this section of the page. Tom is a homemade cat who, whether out of hunger, for fulfilling his duty as a domestic cat or for simple apathy, wants to hunt down the mouse Jerry who cohabits in the same house. Jerry is a small but very intelligent mouse who likes to annoy the cat, although his true passion is cheese and that is what he wants to get in his odyssey to the kitchen. Tom will try to avoid this situation and will set traps that, either because of the cunningness of the mouse or the awkwardness of the cat, never end well and end up being hit by them.

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