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Run and dodge in Subway Surfers

Surf by the metropolitan metro subway surfers dodging obstacles and collecting coins. Subway Surfers is a brown-haired boy. Usually dresses with cap, jean pants, a hooded vest and cap.

There are different games subway surfers where we can interact with it. We can choose their clothes changing it anyway you want and as for every occasion.

Subway Surfers enter your hairdresser to change the style and choose a nice hair cut fully customized at will.

This guy suffer an incident in the subway and have to cure skin putting a real doctor.

We will cook a delicious blueberry pie and we will dive into their cherished culinary cuisine.

We paint the face with a beautiful tattoos and clothed him with a beautiful carnival costumes.

We live a real adventure in the snow where we have to teach him to survive low temperatures and poor. We have to look and feed subway surfers !.

After many adventures we have to give a big bath to remove all dirt and heal the wounds that have.

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