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Free subway surfers games

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Surf the subway tracks in Subway Surfers with Jake, Tricky and Fresh. Run away from the security guard, who has surprised you doing graffiti on the wagons, and can make you end up with the bones in jail.

What is Subway Surfers?

It seems like yesterday when everyone started downloading Subway Surfers on their mobile devices and this year the title has turned 10 years old, neither more nor less. Its simplicity and playability have been an important part of its success and that is that it is such an addictive game mode that you can hardly stop playing. In the end, it is a game in which you have to overcome yourself since in each race you will try to increase your previous record.

The story of this game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games is very simple and stars Jake, a young graffiti artist who sees train carriages as a good canvas on which to capture his art. Everything seems normal until the security guard appears, who discovers Jake and begins a chase on the rails. You have to avoid colliding with the obstacles or the security guard will catch you. In addition, along the way you must collect as many coins as possible and you will add points for each meter you travel in the game. With this, you will establish your own record and with the accumulated coins you will be able to buy improvements for your player in the following games.

As part of its updates, Subway Surfers Tour has been born and it is that every month the game is updated and is located in a new city in the world. All these games are the ones you can find on our website and with them you can embark on this fun journey with Jake painting the wagons around the world with his spray paint.

How to play Subway Surfers

Playing Subway Surfers is tremendously easy, so much so that even the smallest members of the house choose it as their main game. In the game we have to escape and this will take place on 3 rails. You must move to change between the central lane, the left and the right, because in each one of them obstacles will appear that you can either jump over or go under. Trains are the most dangerous obstacles, so you must be careful with them.

Along the way you'll also find power-ups and upgrades like hoverboards. It is a skate that floats in the air and also gives you an extra chance if you crash, since you can continue the game after it. Among the power-ups we find the jetpack, the super sneakers to jump higher or the magnet that will allow you to collect more coins from around you.

A couple of games of Subway Surfers and we're sure you'll quickly gain control of the game and everything you need to start racking up points and setting a record that's hard to beat.

Discover all of Jake's adventures in Subway Surfers on our website

What started as a simple mobile game now has a large collection of online minigames with which to experience Jake's adventure. Its success has been proven by things like the great Subway Surfers World Tour and it is that you will be able to find various dedicated versions and set in the most prominent cities in the world.

Subway Surfers Seoul, Subway Surfers in Barcelona or Subway Surfer in Zurich are some of the titles we have for you, so that the fun on the train tracks never ends for you. To these will be added many other online minigames that have been able to perfectly replicate the gameplay of this game.

And you can't miss the Subway Surfers games featuring other video game classics, such as Sonic's Subway Surfer or Tom Ru, a Subway Surfers with My Talking Tom. All this and much more in our collection of online Subway Surfers games .

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