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Help your favorite to run their own restaurant and turn them into successful entrepreneurs, providing guests with impeccable service and unique characters. Join Doraemon, Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob and other prominent people in managing their restaurants and make the business thrive.

We choose the menu based on dishes that cook better know and especially those who have better acceptance by customers. Organize lunch and dinner services is essential for the restaurant to work, people hate to wait to sit or wait for them to bring their food so fast service with rich food is what you need.

You should also hire different chef who will cook for you depending on your skills and your budget, since most renowned chef will charge much more but in turn attract customers with greater purchasing power.

Although not everything happens in the kitchen, manage your waiters is very important to provide proper treatment to customers and provide a good image. The most common will be to manage fast food like burgers, ice cream, etc. You can also have fun with well-known games like Diner Dash restaurants, where you help the various businesses to prosper and move forward. Do not miss the opportunity to see how you serve customers during a service in these virtual restaurants.