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PUBG Games

Jump off the plane and start your survival in PUBG

PUBG is the abbreviation of the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and is another great Battle Royale game in which you have to survive the enemies on a big map. Get ready to jump off the plane and begin to stock up on weapons and resources to survive and be the last to be alive to win. Some say that PUBG is the game that inspired Epic Games to create Fortnite, even accusing this company of plagiarism.

Therefore, PUBG is another Battle Royale survival game in which you will have to face players from all over the world for being the only survivor of the game. This game presents several maps, although in its beginnings it only counted on one, and with very powerful zones like Pochinki or Rozhok, that to make a simile, we could say that it is the Pitched floors of Fortnite. If you are a beginner we recommend that you avoid these areas, because although there are many houses to lootear, it is very easy to die when a large number of expert players fall.

One of the differences that there was between these two games is that PUBG had vehicles from the beginning, something that has been implementing Epic Games to its Battle Royale with the passage of time. Another difference is that in PUBG, in addition to a storm that makes players have to move, there is a red zone. This red zone, appears randomly on the map at different times of the game and means imminent bombing, and you can die without help from anyone else. In Player Unknow's there are no shields either, but it comes with bulletproof vests that give you an extra life.

If you like Fortnite but prefer more realistic graphics and more realistic characters, PUBG is the game you're looking for. In addition, PUBG Mobile can be played on almost any Android device, IOS or Windows Phone, since it has been serving this platform for a long time. You just have to know that in this case, PUBG is a paid game and does not offer a free version as if it has Fortnite.

To start your adventure, you can try this collection of PUBG games that emulate it perfectly and can give you an idea of what awaits you before buying the original. Meet your characters and enjoy the funniest versions of PUBG online and for free. Do not miss any of our PUBG games and survive on the battlefield either alone, in duos or squad.

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