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Being president is not an easy task, it handles the great leaders of the main nations

The most powerful men in the world are the Presidents of the various countries, with the military might of an entire resources naciny the same one his command can trigger a major war. No matter if the country is large or small, one of these men and women in command always will dispose of greater power for use at will.Although this position has a responsibility to its citizens, this does not mean it always the right thing to do because after all are people. Each has their own interests or worldview, this may lead them to take risky decisions and even autnticas follies may take the form of a bad decision.If a president wants to be remembered should perform great deeds, whether good or bad. It depends on you being remembered by future generations and only t choose what things to do to accomplish this. It depends on you Sers good or bad president? and to achieve Qu'll be willing to sacrifice ?.

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