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Pou, refers to a popular search on our website with about 12 related games to display
They are all games related to pou games , among others.
Take care of your virtual pet with these fun Pou games in which you must feed, care for and grow this adorable creature.

Who is Pou? Everything you need to know about this Virtual Pet

Virtual pets have always been a success and it is something that could be seen with the Tamagotchi, a toy from the nineties that is still very present with many updates, but without losing its original essence.

It was in 2012 when Pou burst into mobile application stores, achieving great download success. It is a very simple game whose main objective is to take care of your virtual pet, called Pou. The shape of this virtual pet reminds us a lot of that of an egg, although a little more triangular, and your mission will be to feed it, take care of it and keep it happy as if it were a real pet.

What made this game even more addictive was the large number of mini-games it offered within the application. The main motivation for playing the minigames was to get coins, which are used to unlock new skins for your Pou, buy food, decorations and much more. Over time, in addition, the Pou VS Pou type PVP was implemented, allowing you to face the Pou of other players online.

The objective of the Pou games is to take care of the pet, make it level up and help it grow, starting at level 15 it becomes an adult. In the game we can find different scenarios such as the kitchen (where we will feed our pet), the bathroom (to give it a shower when stains appear), the laboratory (where we can get health potions, energy and more), the bedroom (where to rest), the living room and the patio.

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As we told you at the beginning, Pou is a mobile game that was released in the most important application stores such as the Play Store or the IOS Store, but its success also went beyond mobile screens to arrive in the form of mini-games on your PC. There were many developers who built on the success of Pou to offer titles as fun as those you can find on our website.

If you are looking for the best Pou games online, you are in the right place since here we have a wide collection so you can get the best PC versions of this fun game. Not only will you find versions of the original game, but also classic games but set with this character. This is the case of the Pou painting and coloring games, the Pou dressing games and many more.

Don't wait any longer and start enjoying the most fun Pou games on the internet that are now available on our website. Simple and fun-filled games await you so you can have a good time with your favorite virtual pet, the Pou.

The Best Pou Games on our website

Get ready for all the fun we have available to you with this collection of Pou games made up of more than 10 different titles. The games that best simulate Pou's adventure are already on our website and you can take care of your virtual pet without the need for a mobile device or additional downloads.

Get to work and get your best version of Pou online on our online minigames page. If you thought you had already seen it in the world of Pou, let yourself be surprised by the new adventures that the developers have prepared for us in these online Pou games.

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