Bomberman Games

Move with the bomb man in the Bomberman games. You will be forced to place bombs
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Bomberman Games

Start putting bombs all over the territory

As its name suggests this character comes from the planet simptico bomber and thanks to the seven stars bomber is able to create different types of pumps, each with its own special characteristics.

There are seven bomber stars: water, fire, light, darkness, wind, earth and electricity. Bomberman The mission is to kill those who threaten his home planet and its inhabitants, for it must meet the different stars to combat them. Whether you need the special abilities of each star to kill some enemies, because some of them can only be defeated by an electric or other explosion According weakness.

When using the various pumps is necessary to use the strategy, since enemies will come at a certain speed or may try to avoid them if you have time. Since they have a certain time detonacin you have to place them carefully so as not to waste them, if you get to explode at the right time temern your enemies.

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