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Free hello neighbor games

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Free hello neighbor games

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A new neighbor has arrived in the neighborhood and we are convinced that he is hiding a mysterious secret, which we are going to try to uncover by entering his house to explore.


What is the secret of Hello Neighbor?

The independent Horror game Hello neighbor experienced a great boom after its release thanks to the fact that many streamers and YouTubers from around the world saw a great opportunity in the gameplay of this game to stream and dedicate hundreds of videos to them that flood the web. The game mechanics are simple and it tells us about a little boy who has just arrived in a new neighborhood. Everything seems normal there, except the neighbor's house across the street. Our protagonist will hear some strange sounds at night and this will awaken his curiosity. What is the neighbor saving? That is the secret we must discover to know what is happening in the neighborhood.
The first Hello neighbor game was a success and then more acts appeared in which the story of the mysterious neighbor is expanded. There are already 3 Hello neighbor acts that exist and if you want to have fun with them, it is available for all platforms.
The truth is that the neighbor has become a very peculiar character and the minigame developers have also taken him into account when creating fun online adventures. Get ready to discover the best Hello Neighbor minigames and continue your Adventures beyond the official ones you will find on platforms like Steam.

How to Play Hello Neighbor

The gameplay and gameplay of Hello Neighbor are simple and that is what has made this game famous. As we told you at the beginning, the mission is to discover the secret that the neighbor keeps in his basement and to do this we have to sneak into his house. In your mission you will need to collect items and solve a series of puzzles that will help you unlock the different areas of the house. If the neighbor discovers you, a chase will begin and you must keep in mind that he is much faster than you. You can run to your house to safety, but if it catches you you will respawn at the beginning again.
Once you have been captured, the mission will be complicated because the neighbor will have set traps along the path you have decided to take, having to find an alternative to avoid being captured. Use the four spaces in your inventory to collect all the objects you will need to solve the mystery and not be captured by the neighbor.
This is your great challenge in Hello Neighbor and you will have to demonstrate great skill to discover the secret that our creepy neighbor keeps. What do you want to play?

Get to know the Hello Neighbor Online Minigames

On our website we have compiled the best Hello neighbor games that exist on the Internet and now you can enjoy all of them with this section that we have prepared especially for it. From enjoying classic games with your neighbor like Hello Neighbor Puzzles or the classic trivia game to find out how much you know about Hello Neighbor.
And we recommend you explore the Adventures created in Roblox and Kogama in Hello Neighbor adventures. In these maps, users are divided between neighbors and protagonists, having to achieve the set objective. All this and much more awaits you on our website and we continue working to update this category with all the news that arrives in the world of Hello Neighbor minigames.

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