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Hello neighbor and infernal neighbor

hello neighbor, refers to a popular search on our website with about 12 related games to display.

A new neighbor has arrived in the neighborhood and we are convinced that he is hiding a mysterious secret, which we are going to try to uncover by entering his house to explore.

Hello neighbor is a popular game that many YouTube channels have spent time following step by step all their new updates, known as Alpha 3, Alpha 4, etc. The story begins in a normal neighborhood to which the protagonist has moved but soon discovers that his opposite neighbor does very strange things. The young man will investigate what this weird neighbor does in his house and for this we will help him sneak into it. It is a game that has triumphed for many reasons and is that it brings us an adversary much smarter than the previous ones. When you try to get to the house and you are finally hunted, your steps are recorded and now our neighbor will be more careful with that road, installing security cameras and traps. If he catches you in his house you better start running to your house and get safe or God knows what this crazy neighbor will want to do to you.