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free Halo Games

Neutralize the Covenant attacks with the Halo super soldier. Chief master John-117 comes with new biological improvements and has an artificial intelligence called Cortana that will help him fight against the aliens of the future.

Halo Games

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Halo Games

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Halo Reach is one of the latest installments in the Halo series developed by Bungie, it tells the story of the first encounter with the terrible human covenant. Although this issue is not present the Master Chief, we embody a young member of a Spartan squad sent to quell the rebellion of a human colony Spartan. But after reaching the planet, they realize that there are no survivors in the area where they had to find survivors. Seeing the slaughter produced decide to investigate and discover that the Covenant has come to the planet, its purpose is unknown but humanity seems in danger.

Spartan Your mission is to evacuate all civilians from the planet as soon as possible and avoid more casualties. For this you must use a good arsenal which includes sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns and if we can get hold of a weapon the enemy can count on new weapons. But not everything is limited to weapons, since we can choose between different vehicles to complete missions. We can fly a bungie at full speed while one of our colleagues used the turret, join the spartan and saves humanity.

Now there are new Halo games where you can interact with the Master Chief survivals in several missions where you have to attack the aliens to continue living. The story begins when the spacecraft it has problem and is forced to land on an unknown planet where you expect millions of unpleasant surprises. We also have games where you can create the armor of Master Chief, you can modify it as you like.

Halo has already caused a sensation for major platforms such as PlayStation or XBOX games with their latest Halo 4 and Halo 5 Guardians. Now it succeed with minigames that you have collected and where able to live the adventures of this game in a totally different way. Try these versions and not be the last to know!

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