Armor mayhemHalo assault SpartanHalo Spartan dress upHow much do you know about HaloHaloHalo combat evolvedHalo Master Chief

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How much do you know about HaloHalo combat evolvedHaloHalo Master ChiefArmor mayhemHalo Spartan dress upHalo assault SpartanBattle Area

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Halo Reach is one of the latest installments of the Halo series developed by Bungie, tells the story of the first encounter of humans with the terrible covenant. Although the Master Chief will not be present in this installment, we will play a young Spartan member of a Spartan squadron sent to quell the rebellions of a human colony. But after arriving on the planet, they realize that there are no survivors in the sector where they had to find survivors. Seeing the massacre produced decide to investigate and discover that the Covenant has reached the planet, its objective is unknown but humanity seems in danger.

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