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Billiards Games

All prepared on the pool table

Billiards is considered a precision sport in which we must introduce a series of balls in the six holes of the table, but the really complicated thing is that we must do it using a stick that hits a ball that should impact with the others. Depending on the type of mode to which the balls are played, they must be introduced in one order or another, but in general there are two types of balls: plain and striped. Plain balls are known to be totally the same color, while the stripes have a white stripe in the center of the ball. In some game modalities players start the game and the first to introduce a ball, you must enter all the balls of the same type. In other words, if you entered a scratch you must enter all the scratches to win, it is possible to enter them in the order you want except the black ball that contains the number 8. If you make the mistake of introducing this ball before the others you will automatically lose the game, in addition There are other faults such as introducing a rival or white ball by mistake.

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