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Billiards Games

Billiards Games

The pool is considered a precision sport in which we introduce a number of balls in the six holes in the table, but what really complicated is that we should do so using a bat hitting a ball to be hit with the others.

According to the type of procedure that you play the balls must be entered in either order, but in general there are two types of balls: smooth and striped. Known for smooth balls are totally the same color, while the striped have a white stripe down the center of the ball.

In some embodiments of game players start the game and the first to introduce a ball, you must enter all the balls of the same type. Ie if you entered a striped must enter all scratched to win, you can enter them in the order you want except the black ball containing the number 8. If you make the mistake of introducing this ball before the dems lose s automatically heading there besides other faults as introducing a rival error or white ball.

This will otorgaral rival extra moves, besides if you can introduce your own ball podrs reroll as a reward.

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