free Aladdin Games

free Aladdin Games

Fly through Agrabah with Aladdin's flying carpet, get rid of Jafar and his parrot Lake, convince the Great Vizier that Aladdin is Jasmine's fiancé to transform him into the great Sultan. Play with Aladdin, the Genie and Jasmine in different adventures inspired by the Walt Disney film.

Aladdin Games

Free Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Game
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Free Aladdin motorcycle Game
Aladdin motorcycle
Free Aladdin on the carpet Game
Aladdin on the carpet
Free Aladdin and the treasures Game
Aladdin and the treasures
Free Aladdin differences searches Game
Aladdin differences searches
Free Aladino looking treasure Game
Aladino looking treasure
Free The kiss Jasmine and Aladdin Game
The kiss Jasmine and Aladdin
Free Aladdin and Jasmine Game
Aladdin and Jasmine
Free Aladdin, incredible map Game
Aladdin, incredible map
Free Aladdin game Game
Aladdin game

+ Aladdin Games

Free Dress up the princess Jasmine Game
Dress up the princess Jasmine
Free Aladdin differences Game
Aladdin differences
Free Aladdin and Jasmine dress up Game
Aladdin and Jasmine dress up
Free Makeover: Princess Jasmine Game
Makeover: Princess Jasmine
Free Dress up the genius of Aladdin Game
Free Yasmin puzzle Game
Yasmin puzzle
Free Pregnant Jasmine Aladdin Game
Pregnant Jasmine Aladdin
Free Aladdin Kisses Game
Aladdin Kisses
Free Jasmine Game
Free Jasmine and the magic lamp Game
Jasmine and the magic lamp
Free Dress up Princess Jasmine at Christmas Game
Free Aladdin Dancer Game
Aladdin Dancer
Free Disney princesses princes dress up Game
Disney princesses princes dress up


Aladdin Games

How to play aladdin free, no downloads

In the Far East where the sultan rules his people from the desert sands and although this is a good man, delegate its obligations counselor Jaffa which only loop power and the people could care less. This is where we met a young thief Aladdin with a big heart, since only robs you need to survive or help others.

One day this guy is following another thief, which will lead to a cave full of treasure. This guy tries to catch some such riches, with such bad luck that is discovered and has to run may be solely a lamp. What l do not know is that this lamp is not only a beautiful object as a genius when rubbed into her willing to grant three wishes appears.

The boy wants to try to use these woo the beautiful Yasmin, daughter of the sultan with which cross paths on a night in which he teaches life outside the palace walls. This encounter with the sultan will make your counselor Jaffa lose the papers and try to kill the young to not frustrate his plans to marry Yasmin and will be next sultan.

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