Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D

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Block Craft 3D
Block Craft 3DBlock Craft 3DBlock Craft 3D

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Create a parallel city to the world of Minecraft with 3D Craft Block. In this game you have to build a mega city at your leisure without barriers or obstacles that prevent you build. It is based on where you are Steve Minecraft game and your mission is to build a city with the resource you get on your expedition around the island. If you like games Minecraft or building in free mode, sure you'll like and you will enjoy playing the game of Block Craft 3D without downloads. Move by pressing the keys indicated, constructed by simply pressing the left mouse button and if you want to get resources you must press the right mouse button.
Enjoy the game Block Craft 3D, it's free, it's one of our minecraft games we've selected.

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