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FNAF - Freddy, refers to a popular search on our website with about 59 related games to display
They are all games related to animatronic, five nights at freddys, freddy, animatronics games , among others.

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We welcome you to the new category of our website dedicated to free Five Night at Freddy's games. This fantastic saga achieved great popularity among horror and fear games and now comes with its own space on our website where you can find the funniest FNAF minigames.
For those who are a little confused, we will summarize the theme of this game in a few brief lines. FNAF is a horror game in which you will play the security guard at Fazbear Pizza. This is a pizzeria dedicated to children that has stuffed animals that seem very harmless, but they are not. As night falls, these toys come to life and become very spooky, which means that the security guards do not last more than one night on the job.
Your mission as a new security guard will be to survive 7 full nights at your job. To do this, you will have to pay close attention to the security cameras because if you catch an animatronic moving, it will back away. They will try to get to the security booth, but you must control the doors so they don't get through. The difficulty is in the energy and it is limited, having to save to get to the end of the night without difficulty.
The action is served and only the most intrepid will be able to win in the different free FNAF games that have been replicated in these online mini-games that we put at your disposal. Are you going to miss them?

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Five Night at Freddy's is once again very topical and the premiere of a film set in its adventures has been announced. This will only grow our category of FNAF games as we hope that many more will come with their return to the front line of news.
However, we already have almost 60 games that are set in the adventures of the most famous animatronics on the Internet. Here you can find versions of the original games, both the first version of Five Night at Freddy's and the rest of the sequels, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF, 4, FNAF Sister Location and many more.
In addition, you will be able to find on our website a wide collection of classic games that have been modified to integrate FNAF characters. This is how you can find FNAF painting games, FNAF puzzle games or the classic memory card game with FNAF. All this and much more awaits you on our website so you can continue enjoying the best of online mini-games with your favorite Five Night at Freddy's characters.

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The Five Night at Freddy's games have conquered most video game platforms, including the PC. However, the original games have a cost, while the online mini-game versions are completely free. Our recommendation is that you start with the free versions like the ones you will find on our website and, if the game convinces you, move on to the official version to complete the task.
To play FNAF minigames online you just have to find a reliable page and if you are reading these lines, congratulations, you have already achieved it! Get ready to enjoy the best of animatronics online with our collection of free FNAF games, some of them exclusive that you can only find here. Don't let them tell you and enjoy our Five Night at Freddy's games online!