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Who is Fernanfloo and why is he famous in the world of Video Games?

We do not believe that many gamers live without knowing who one of the most recognized faces in the gaming world is, Fernanfloo. His real name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado and he has a YouTube channel in which he has accumulated more than 10 billion views and more than 46 million followers around the world. Some impressive numbers for a young Salvadoran who began his career back in 2011 with his channel Fernanfloo.
In the beginning, Fernanfloo (name resulting from the mixture of his first and last name Fernando Flores) dedicated himself to uploading tutorials and other types of content, but his great boom would come when he made the leap into the world of gameplays. The first games he dared to play were Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat and God of War III, where he already began to gain a lot of popularity.
The truth is that Fernanfloo soon became very popular for his way of commenting and his spontaneous way of expressing himself that was so funny to the younger ones. Since then, every game he played became a trend and many games are known today thanks to Fernanfloo's videos. These are the ones that we are going to compile in this section of the website, Fernanfloo's games, both his own and those that became popular thanks to this Latin American YouTuber.

The Fernanfloo Games that made him triumph

The fame of this YouTuber means that all the games he plays go viral and everyone wants to play them. His specialty is horror games, but he also entertains a lot when he plays well-known titles such as GTA V, Happy Wheels, FNAF,, Geometry Dash and many other games that flood the Internet. The rise of or had a lot to thank for this YouTuber who popularized both games on his platform. The same thing happened with Geometry Dash, a game that many Latinos learned about thanks to the exciting games that the young Salvadoran broadcast.
As time went by, his channel fell into disuse, but Fernanfloo is still closely linked to the gaming world, although now he does it as a streamer. The rise of Stream platforms led him to make the jump to Twitch. On this platform I continue with games as my main content, especially playing Fortnite, one of the games of the moment.
Without a doubt, one of his great niches has always been horror games and he made the gameplay very fun with his reactions. One of the best ones has been Five Nights at Freddy's, although it is not the only one. All of these games are now gathered in their category so you don't miss any of the games that made Fernanfloo famous.

Discover the Fernanfloo Games dedicated to the youtuber

Furthermore, his fame has led him to be the protagonist of various games that have been created for him. He already has his own Saw Games, starring an animated version of himself being kidnapped by the evil Pigsaw. Another adventure game that has him as the protagonist is Fernanfloo rescuing Curly, in which he will have to face various enemies to save his pet that accompanies him in many videos.
These are the Fernanfloo games that you will be able to find on our website, from those that he popularized with his gameplays to those that have been created and dedicated to the famous Salvadoran YouTuber. Don't wait any longer and enjoy the Fernanfloo games completely free in this section.