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Super Bomberman 4 Bomberman Arcade Bomberman HTML5 Bomberman 2 Players Super Bomberman 5 Exploder Bomberman: Party Edition Bomb It 8 Ubisoft All Star Blast!
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Bomberman games online

Start putting bombs all over the territory 🔥

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Who is Bomberman?

Bomberman is one of the most classic games as it was released in 1983 for PC and was later ported to multiple platforms. It has more than 70 games, in addition to having starred in several animes and manga. As his name indicates, this friendly character comes from the planet Bomber and thanks to the seven bomber stars he is able to create different types of bombs, each one with its own special characteristics.
There are seven bomber stars: Water, fire, light, darkness, wind, earth and electricity. Bomberman's mission is to destroy those who threaten his home planet and its inhabitants. To do so, he must gather the different stars to combat them. Since you need the special abilities of each star to kill some enemies, since some of them can only be defeated with an electrical or other explosion depending on their weakness.
When using the different bombs it is necessary to use strategy, since the enemies will approach at a certain speed or they can try to avoid them if they have time. Since they have a certain detonation time, you have to place them very carefully so as not to waste them. If you manage to make them explode at the right time, your enemies will fear you.

How to Play Bomberman Online

Bomberman is a very simple game and if you have never tried it and want to start, it will be good for you to know how to play. First of all, our character starts with the ability to place a single bomb, which has a fairly low explosion range. You will be inside a maze, but the paths are cut by blocks, which we can destroy thanks to bombs. Make your way to reach your rivals since your mission is to kill them all and find the exit door that takes you to the next level.
By destroying any of these blocks they will release what are known as power ups that will increase your skills. Among them we can find greater power for our bombs, being able to place more than one at the same time, greater speed and many others that have been added in different versions of the game, although those are the most classic.
You don't really have to eliminate all the enemies, simply finding the key and the door to exit will be able to finish a level, but this task will be easier without having enemies swarming and trying to kill you. Good luck and let your Bomberman adventure begin!

The most fun online Bomberman Games on the Internet

So far we have focused on the classic Bomberman game, but its success is such that it has been replicated several times in the world of online minigames. One of the most successful titles in this regard is Bomb It, which already has 8 editions, each of them improved and with new features that you should know if you want to enjoy a Bomberman game with a lot of style.
It is not the only one because there are games like Exploder or Ubisoft's All Star Blast special for minigames that you will also love and follow the Bomberman theme. All this and much more now available on our website for lovers of classic games like Bomberman.

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