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In the Far East where the Sultan governs his people among the sands of the desert and although he is a good man, he delegates his duties to his advisor Jafar who only craves power and cares little about the people. This is where we find Aladdin, a young thief with a big heart, since he only steals what he needs to survive or help others.
One day this boy finds himself following another thief, who will take him to a cave full of treasures. This boy, faced with such riches, tries to take some, with such bad luck that he is discovered and has to run away, only being able to take a lamp. What he doesn't know is that this lamp is not just a pretty object, since when he rubs it, a genie appears inside it ready to grant him three wishes.
The boy will use these wishes to try to conquer the beautiful Jasmine, the sultan's daughter with whom he crossed paths one night in which she showed him life outside the palace walls. This meeting with the Sultan will make his advisor Jafar lose his temper and he tries to kill the young man so that he does not frustrate his plans to marry Jasmine and be the next Sultan.
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Aladdin is one of the classic characters of the Disney world and his success was such that he soon made the leap into the world of video games. Its most famous game is the one that came out on the PlayStation platform and which was a real success that even today is still remembered by the most nostalgic and experienced. The good thing is that it is back on our website and you can relive this intense adventure thanks to the online retro console simulators. You will walk the streets of Agrabah helping Aladdin not to be captured and living his entire story that has been captured in a video game.
It is not the only one you will find and Princess Jasmine is also very popular among our general public, and the female public in particular. She will be the protagonist of many Disney princess dress-up and makeup games, either alone or in the company of other of her companions. These games are very fun since they insert the Disney princesses into a more modern world and present them to us as authentic high school teenagers.
They are not the only stories that you will be able to experience, but we do not want to give everything away now either. You better get to work and discover the more than 30 Aladdin games that are on our website.
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Aladdin is a very skilled boy, especially when it comes to escaping from the royal guard and that is something that we will be able to see in his games in the purest Subway Surfers style. We will have to walk the streets of Agrabah avoiding obstacles so that the guard does not catch us. Some of the more action games are Aladdin: Prince Run and Aladdin: Arabian Night.
You can start with the game that catches your attention the most, the rest will always be waiting for you so that the fun doesn't end in this compilation of online Aladdin games.