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Nintendo introduced us to The Legend of Zelda, one of the funniest action and adventure video game sagas in history. It was in 1986 when we first met Link, Princess Zelda and the rest of the protagonists and antagonists of this story. Despite what was initially thought, the success of The Legend of Zelda surprised everyone and that is how it was decided to continue the adventure with new stories. Such success crossed the world of video games and was also turned into an animation series, manga, novels, and books.
The story begins with the legend of the goddesses Din and Farore who created life, relief and the laws that govern the world and, after that, left behind the triforce. It is an artifact that is made up of three golden triangular elements and in them are a part of their gifts. This triforce was left in Hylia's custody and hidden in the Sacred Realm so that only the person who had the necessary qualities could claim it.
The triforce is endangered by an evil demon, which our warrior Link will face, with the help of Princess Zelda (the mortal incarnation of Hylia). We see this entire adventure narrated throughout the game The Legend of Zelda and will continue with other new plots in other titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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The Legend of Zelda has more than 40 games that are set in the universe created by Miyamoto and Tezuka. Of course, not everyone is going to follow the main plot. What will be common is the space where the events will take place, the kingdom of Hyrule. In addition, the official chronology of the series tells us about three chronological lines that would emerge from The Legend of Zelda: Ocraina of Time.
If you already know everything you need about The Legend of Zelda, all you have to do is enjoy Link's adventure with Princess Zelda. The best titles in this saga come to our website and it is one of the most mythical Nintendo sagas, which is still very much in force today. The latest of its games, released for Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom has been released recently and has become a huge sales success.
Here you will find from the most classic titles to other unpublished ones that you can only find on the Internet. Don't wait any longer and discover the Zelda games we have for you.
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On our website we are creating the largest category of Zelda games that you can find on the web. We have just started and there are still few that we have found, but we are convinced that you will love them. On the one hand, you will be able to enjoy the classic games of The Legend of Zelda thanks to online retro console simulators. This is how they go from the official versions to the funniest hackrom, versions created by fans and that are not official.
But, in addition, you will be able to relive other fun adventures with the Zelda characters that have been included in other types of more classic games. If you want to know everything we have available in this category of the website dedicated to Zelda games, we invite you to take a look and keep an eye on it because we will be updating periodically so you don't miss anything.

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