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Other the simpsons games

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The simpsons Games

Have fun with the craziest family of television

Play the games of the craziest family on American television, The Simpsons. The longest-running animation series on American television comes to our page to make you enjoy new and amazing adventures in which the members of this family will be involved. The head of the family is Homer or Homer Simpson, a man somewhat overweight and somewhat short-minded. Nothing that comes to mind goes well and is always in trouble. Loafer and clumsy are the characteristics that best define the figure of Homer because in its many chapters will manage to work as little as possible at the nuclear plant in Springfield. His wife is called Marge and is the typical housewife with a very characteristic blue hair. They both have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

All these characters are going to have a place in our page with a lot of free Simpsons games. In some of them you will see their protagonists using weapons, driving vehicles and running away from maniacs. This is the case of the Saw games of the Simpsons, in which the evil Pigsaw will kidnap the whole family separately, in different games, and you will have to help them escape. We also have games to dress the Simpsons and is that this family is always dressed in the same way, except on special occasions such as when they go to mass and wear Sunday clothes. Many stories will revolve around this family in multiple adventures that you must live with them. Do not wait any longer and join the madness of the Simpsons!

Help the neighbors of Sprinfield with the adventures of The Simpson Family

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